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    Images are encrypted, we do not store your IP or any other indentification!




    Choose the file - it will be uploaded right away and you will get the sharing link. You don't need to reload the website or click anywhere, it's simple and quick! is the short time image hosting service. It provides the option to share your photos quickly . All your photos are detroyed after 24 hours, if not set else. You don't need to think what happened with your photos, when you forget about them. They won't live it's own life, but will be securely destroyed!


    Upload and share your photos from any device. From the desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or even from the smart TV! is fully responsive - it means it's layout fits perfectly any device you use. Your photos will looks good on any display size.

    Try on your smartphone or tablet and you will be surprised how easy is sharing your images from your mobile device!




    We do not store any identification of you. And we mean really any. No cookies, no IP addres, just nothing. Your file is destroyed after the set time and there will be no evidence of it's existence. We protect your privacy.

    Because we really care about your privacy - your IP address goes through the proxy server and SSL protokol. Even if we ever would like to find you - it's just impossible.

    We do not store any EXIF data from your photograps. They are all removed during the upload.

    We store only the information about the physical location of the file on the drive, it's unique id and time when to have it deleted. Nothing more.


    Terms of service

    Web server allows users to share its' images for free of charge, if they agree with the following rules.

    • You may use this ervice only for personal use, for sharing photos and images.
    • The service is provided without any garanty. We do not care any responsibility of any data loss, data damage or damage of the user, when using this service.
    • It's forbidden to use this server for sharing illegal materials, especially sharing photos againist laws of the Czech Republic, as might be sharing erotic photos of the underage people or other explicit photos against good manners.
    • reserves the right to deny you from using this service.
    • All images after specified time are destroyed and there is no way how to restore them. The image will be destroyed one year after it's last access.
    • This terms of use might be changed without any prior notice.
    • This service falls bellow laws of the Czech Republic.

    Privacy policy

    The server operator do not store any identification of users who use this service.